Stueve Farms. The only biodynamic eggs in the country.

Our Biodynamic Eggs

Our Biodynamic Eggs are Unique

Stueve Organic chickens wander on pesticide free native ground. The chickens live and feed in a naturally organic environment cohabiting with our organic cows. In organic dairy farming, we move our cows to a fresh pasture every two days and our lucky chickens rotate with the cows, which gives the chickens a new, fresh area for grass, clover, fly larvae, grubs and other insects.

The chickens live, eat and lay eggs in a mobile chicken coop, which offers a safe place for them to shelter and sleep at night. We supplement their diet with high quality feed from a local custom grain milling facility. The feed is organic and methionine free, a synthetic added to most chicken feeds.

The Stueve family believes that producing the highest quality biodynamic eggs allows you to feed your family an amazing nutritional food, ethically raised in a perfect biodynamic environment. Buy our eggs – taste the difference.

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Why Biodynamic?

Consumer demand for better, fresher, cleaner eggs drives the popularity of pasture raised eggs. Pasture raised is great, organic is better, bio-dynamic is the BEST!

Here’s why

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Once You Try Stueve Bio-Dynamic Pasture Raised Eggs, You will never go back to Regular Eggs

Really, one taste of our incredibly tasty eggs and people say, “Wow! – that’s what eggs tasted like when we were kids.” Loaded with Omega 3 and the delicious flavor of sunshine and fresh air.

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