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Consumers’ View of Healthy Breakfasts

There is no standard definition for a healthy breakfast, as the words conjure up different things for different people. American consumers define healthy foods, using a wide variety of personal parameters, showing that healthy is relative. For some, the food must be high in fiber, meatless, organic or gluten-free. Others use food as a pharmacy, seeking items rich in protein, iron or calcium. Locavores view foods grown nearby as being healthier. Still others demand only non-GMO, antibiotic-free or sustainably-raised foods on their plates.

Kelly Weikel, Technomic’s director of consumer insights, says consumers are increasingly “choosing their own balanced, personal approach to health and wellness that makes them feel good emotionally and physically.” High-quality protein of the type found in eggs is critical for boosting brain function and supporting muscular health, enabling a successful do-it-yourself regimen. read more from the American Egg Board –