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Latest UDSA Egg Production – where’s biodynamic?

plenty of production but the only biodynamic eggs come from Stueve Organic

May Egg Production Up 5 Percent

United States egg production totaled 8.52 billion during May 2016, up 5 percent from last year. Production included 7.36 billion table eggs, and 1.16 billion hatching eggs, of which 1.06 billion were broiler-type and 100 million were egg type. The total number of layers during May 2016 averaged 361 million, up 4 percent from last year. May egg production per 100 layers was 2,362 eggs, up 1 percent from May 2015.

All layers in the United States on June 1, 2016 totaled 360 million, up 8 percent from last year. The 360 million layers consisted of 302 million layers producing table or market type eggs, 54.6 million layers producing broiler-type hatching eggs, and 3.85 million layers producing egg-type hatching eggs. Rate of lay per day on June 1, 2016, averaged 76.2 eggs per 100 layers, up 1 percent from June 1, 2015.

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